Mint Green & Light Pink

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Hey my lovely readers! So sorry for all the late posts lately but as its the Easter break for the next couple of weeks i have some free time to share a new post. I thought might as well bring out some of my fashion traits and personality as you guys are always reading/ visiting my blog (about fashion). So in this post i will be sharing and hopefully inspire you all with these 2 really admirable colours, my favourite colours, mint green and light pink. There such pretty/cute colours that have a really great combination that  it was too hard not to post. BTW- all pics below are belonging to tumblr/pinterest, i do not take credit. I do however, hope you all enjoy this post and if not already, follow me, like and share. Also comment down below, what your favourite picture was.

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Décor Ideas

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Plants are a great way to decorate your house as is makes it seem more lively especially the massive plants including flowers like the ones shown below. Visitors will feel a lot more welcome to your home if you have at least 1 of these around especially in the hallways or main sitting areas.




decor i6


Bunting along window, above doors, pinned on walls or hung on the ceilings are a really cute way to decorate your house. As you can see in the picture below, I pinned my bunting by my windows which can make a room a lot more effective and creative. I actually made this bunting so if you want me to do a post on DIY bunting then just let me know!


Decorative Boxes

These mini decorative boxes are very effective to put in a glass shelf or any other place in your bedroom. As you can see from the picture below I have put quite a lot of boxes in one area which looks really cute but it would also look quite organised is you spread them out all over your room. You could even put them in colour co-ordinations as I’ve done.


Shells In Vases

This is probably one of my favourite ideas yet as I think shells in vases are very welcoming for visitors and sometimes remind you of the beach/sea. I also made this décor myself so if you want to see a DIY of this then just let me know in the comments!

image image

Mini Sight-Seeing Figures

This is a perfect decoration idea if you are into sight-seeing and like shopping at souvenir shops for example Paris, New York, London and lots more. The ones in the picture are from Paris of course as they are meant to be the Eiffel tower. These can look very cute if you display them in your room or if you buy different colours of them so they are not just a boring grey colour!



{OOTD} Sunny Winters Day

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Hi there my lovely readers! I’m truly sorry  I haven’t posted anything for ages but that’s been because I have been very busy for the last few weeks. I hope you’ll be lovely as you all are and forgive me. I’ll make it up to you all as I will post every week and I’ve even changed the theme of my blog! Please subscribe if you want to see more of these fashion posts. Btw please follow my new account on instagram @fashionxofeed ! So here’s todays OOTD (outfit of the day) and a few other pics as today was really sunny…mvnhjhn


Jacket~ Stradivarius, Jumper~ Primark, Jeggings~ Topshop, Shoes~ Le Cooper