Mint Green & Light Pink

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Hey my lovely readers! So sorry for all the late posts lately but as its the Easter break for the next couple of weeks i have some free time to share a new post. I thought might as well bring out some of my fashion traits and personality as you guys are always reading/ visiting my blog (about fashion). So in this post i will be sharing and hopefully inspire you all with these 2 really admirable colours, my favourite colours, mint green and light pink. There such pretty/cute colours that have a really great combination that  it was too hard not to post. BTW- all pics below are belonging to tumblr/pinterest, i do not take credit. I do however, hope you all enjoy this post and if not already, follow me, like and share. Also comment down below, what your favourite picture was.

mg bikinimg glassesmg sweeetstumblr_nlpn6iY8ld1u2mm6ao1_500polaroidmg nailsssssssssssssc05a1fc46867e4f6641625fc801e01ea


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