In-Flight & Summer Holiday Essentials


summer essentials

  1. Entertainment (iPads, iPods, laptops, e.t.c)
  2. Bikini / Swimsuit
  3. Camera
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Flip Flops / Sandals
  6. Snacks
  7. Clothes (shorts, tops, dresses, e.t.c)
  8. Bag / Suitcase
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Hair Brush & Accessories

*What would you bring on holiday with you?*


My Favourite Summer Fashion Items


Here are some of my favourite fashion items for this Summer. Hope you love them and get inspired!

item 1

F&F Top~

This bright yellow top is very light and perfect for days out in the Summer!

item 2
Primark Shorts~

These pom pom shorts are very cute and good for days outside or the beach!

item 3

F&F Skirt~

This beautiful floral skirt feels soft and flowy which is perfect for the Summer.

item 4

La Redoute Dress~

This pretty pink dress is perfect for day and night especially to style with a belt.

item 8

White Wedges~

These white wedges are very cute and are perfect to wear on days out!

item 6

Denim Jacket~

This elegant denim jacket is great to style with a flowy skirt or a dress.

item 5

F&F Top~

This butterfly top is so gorgeous and you won’t be too hot in the Summer as it is very light.

item 9

Canvas Shoes~

This pair of canvas shoes are so lovely for walking outdoors or on the beach in the sun.

DIY Studded Denim Jacket


You Will Need~~~~

Denim Jacket



Glue or Needle & Thread


1. Glue or sew one stud on the corner of the collar.

2. Then glue or sew two other studs above the one in the corner to make a triangular shape.

3. Now do this on the other side collar.


We are done and now you wear with any outfit you like!