Autumn Must-Haves

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These are my favourite nail polishes and definitely go well for this season, Autumn. The clear varnish that you can see on the far left side is what I put on after  a coloured one to give it a shiny texture., which is from Max Factor. The three other varnishes are from Vivo.



This is one of my favourite bags and is perfect for Autumn especially the colours on the big bow. If you see more clearly there are gold studs in between each heart which I think is really cute. I received this from one of my friends for my birthday a while ago.



This lipstick is literally made for Autumn! The colour is one very pretty brown shade. I think the packaging is the best thing though, as it is small and delicate. I would really recommend this to anyone investing in a new lipstick.



These boots are one of those that when you pass by them you have to stop and try them on! I love these because of (1) the gold and silver studs and (2) the shape of them. My suggestion to you is to buy a pair of boots that fit you comfortably and ones that you know you will wear a lot.



Scarfs are a definite must-have for Autumnal weather . I know where I live it is always getting cold and unpleasant, but that is when I take out my scarfs and wear them most of the season! These two are my favourites because I love the colour and style of the snow leopard scarf and I admire the Autumn colours in the floral scarf.



This has to be the best smelling Autumnal perfume I have ever smelt! The smell reminds me of winter candles and vanilla. The packaging is very cute, especially the big (fake obviously) diamond at the top. It is by the brand Luxury and they also do different smells and styles of perfumes.



Things I’m Loving at the Moment

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photo 1


This L’OCCITANE perfume is has a very natural and flowery scent which makes you want to put it on everyday (that is very likely that I would, though)! The bottle and packaging is very beautiful and perfect as a gift. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a signature perfume!

photo 2

Nivea Lip Balms

These Nivea lip balms are a life saver if you have dry or dehydrated lips! I use the blue one before going to bed each night and I sometimes use the pink one during the day because  it has a pretty shiny pearly colour! I have also been buying more of other Nivea products as I find them very  good.

photo 4

Flower Pharm Body Butter

This cream is very moisturising and I put it on a lot after the shower/bath. You can buy different creams, by the same brand, with different scents. My favourite scent is probably the ‘Orange Flower’ (but that is just my opinion)! You can buy these in many cosmetic stores like Superdrug, Boots and more .

photo 3

KENZO  Perfume

This perfume should definitely be your ‘must-haves’ perfumes list! the scent reminds me of vanilla ice-cream but this perfume  is one of those that has a scent that can remind you of anything! it is very long lasting and not too strong(but in a good way). So I would really recommend purchasing this product!

photo 5

photo 6

Charm Bracelet

This is probably one of  my favourite bracelets of all because you can personalise it as how ever you want. You get to decide what kind of charms you want on it, how many and even what type of type of base/string you want! These are PERFECT for gifts (especially because of the packaging and personalising ).