Fashion Mood Boards

DIY, Fashion

Fashion mood boards is a great way to get inspiration and you can use them in many different ways. Feel free to follow these simple instructions to create your very own!

1. Gather some fashion/beauty magazines.mood board42. Pick some images or words that you like and then cut them out.

mood baord 33. Finally glue them all on a piece card/paper.

mood baord5

Here are a couple more that I made:-

mood bard1

mood baord2


DIY 3D Letters


What you will need ~

  • Scissors decor
  • Glue
  • Glitter card
  • Thick foam
  • Pen
  • Coloured paper


1. Mark out your letter on a thick piece of foam, then cut it out.decor 2

2. Glue the coloured paper on all sides of your foam letter!


3. Now you are ready to cut out the letter on the glitter card.. and glue it on at the front!

photo 2.

There you have it! A perfect way to décor your room!! 😉

decor5photo 1.