Autumn-Winter Haul 


          Disney Minnie Mouse Ears

A couple of weeks ago myself and others from my school travelled to Paris! We went to lovely sight seeing places there and of course we went to Disney Land, where I bought these really cute Minney Mouse Ears!

Paris Souvenirs

I also purchased these amazing souvenirs when we where at Paris! I will probably treasure these souvenirs for a long time as they are quite special and will bring back very good memories to me and my friends.


Fall burgundy Hat

I feel like everyone should have a very wintery beanie hat that you can get snug into in the cold, crisp air of Fall/Autumn days! This is why I decided to get this super trendy burgundy coloured Beanie hat which I purchased from F&F for only £8.

Pink Ballet Pumps

These really adorable pink pumps were purchased from Primark when I last went there. I don’t remember how much they were exactly but I am pretty sure that they weren’t much more than £10 which is a bargain!

  5 Technic Nail Varinishesc

These nail varnishes were very hard to resist buying as they were all super cute and very inexpensive! I purchased them all from The Body Care shop for a very low price which is amazingly especially how they are so adorable!

Navy Jacket

Of course everyone needs a cosy and snug jacket to wear in in the winter so that is why is bought this one. This navy jacket was purchased from John Lewis for £99. Although it wasn’t the cheapest of them all it was totally worth it as I have been wearing it a lot!





What’s Your Style?

  1. Which shoes style is most ‘you’?

a) Flats

b) Heels

c)  Sneakers

2. Which of these represents your style?

a) Flowy/breezy skirt, floral top, flats and a tote bag

b) Crop top, shorts, heels and a clutch bag

c) Skinny jeans, baggy top and sneakers

3. Which earrings do you mostly wear?

a) Studs

b) Dangly

c) None

4. How much do you spend doing your hair each morning?

a) 5-10 minutes

b) 10 and above minutes

c) Below 5 minutes

5. Which colour is your favourite?

a) Mix n’ Match

b) Pink, pearly and pastels

c) Black

6. Which celebrity style icon inspires you most?

a) Taylor Swift

b) Ariana Grande

c) Zendaya Coleman

7. Which high-street store is your favourite?

a) New Look

b) Primark

c) Topshop

8. What is your favourite jewellery item?

a) Necklace

b) Bracelet

c) Ring

9. What is your least favourite fashion item?

a) Dull coloured jumper

b) Checked shirt

c) Fitted dress

10. How do you tend to style your hair?

a) Soft and flowing waves

b) Wavy and long

c) Ponytail


Mostly A’s= You love colour! You usually tend to mix n’ match your looks and colours. The florals and prints suite you very well.

Mostly B’s=  You are a full on girly girl! You love to spend a lot of time on your appearance and make sure everything goes well together.

Mostly C’s= You’re a stylish tomboy! You love being simple but you still have an urban and a very unique style!

‘Let me know in the comments section what your style is!’