Autumn-Winter Haul 


          Disney Minnie Mouse Ears

A couple of weeks ago myself and others from my school travelled to Paris! We went to lovely sight seeing places there and of course we went to Disney Land, where I bought these really cute Minney Mouse Ears!

Paris Souvenirs

I also purchased these amazing souvenirs when we where at Paris! I will probably treasure these souvenirs for a long time as they are quite special and will bring back very good memories to me and my friends.


Fall burgundy Hat

I feel like everyone should have a very wintery beanie hat that you can get snug into in the cold, crisp air of Fall/Autumn days! This is why I decided to get this super trendy burgundy coloured Beanie hat which I purchased from F&F for only £8.

Pink Ballet Pumps

These really adorable pink pumps were purchased from Primark when I last went there. I don’t remember how much they were exactly but I am pretty sure that they weren’t much more than £10 which is a bargain!

  5 Technic Nail Varinishesc

These nail varnishes were very hard to resist buying as they were all super cute and very inexpensive! I purchased them all from The Body Care shop for a very low price which is amazingly especially how they are so adorable!

Navy Jacket

Of course everyone needs a cosy and snug jacket to wear in in the winter so that is why is bought this one. This navy jacket was purchased from John Lewis for £99. Although it wasn’t the cheapest of them all it was totally worth it as I have been wearing it a lot!





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