My Favourite Autumn Fashion Items



Light Yellow Jumper

If you have been reading other posts by me you would recognise this jumper very clearly as I wore it in my look book and in another posts called yellow in Summer. This is my favourite jumper and I always manage to find a very good way to match it up with outfits.


Purple Floral Top

I love this top very much because of (1) the colours match very nicely with a range of different outfits and (2) the fabric is very light and soft. This is a definite must-have for Autumn/ Fall especially because I know that it’s something when you walk past, who have to stop and try it on!💖




These boots are amazing especially if you want something comfy but still incredibly stylish. I have always been seen in these on very cold and rainy days because this is what they particularly made for! I really recommend buying these and if you want to know where they’re from, it’s from F&F clothing.


Studded Embellished Leopard Top 

This gold studded embellished leopard top is particularly my favourite piece for Autumn because the fabric is very light and loose and also because it looks very cute too! I always recommend getting a top that you know you will get out of good use and I definitely do that with this!👍


Dark Jeans

These dark jeans were from a charity shop that I went to and saw on the label that it was originally from M&S. If you ever see me wearing these then I would have probably matched it up with a white loose top and converses! I love them very much and make a good use of them a lot.



This skirt is very flawy and I would say if you wear this it would be a very formal look which is always very pretty. If any of you have seen my post two weeks ago you would have also seen me wearing this in my Autumn look book which I was wearing with my leather jacket and white top.


Light Blue Jeans

Light washed out blue jeans are probably my favourite kind of jeans, as well as dark blue. The reason I love these so much is because you can pair it up with almost any top or shoes and they are stretchy so you don’t have to sit around all day wearing super tight jeans that are almost impossible to take of again! 😂


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